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Romain Grosjean: Formula 1 has too many rules 

Romain Grosjean: Formula 1 has too many rules


Ex-pilot of Formula 1 Romain Grosjean believes that the world championship has too many unnecessary rules and requirements.

Some things off the track look a little childish - just the feeling that you could do without them.

Formula 1 is improving, the races are great, the attendance is amazing. But here are some rules, like those that ban jewelry. . . You know, I wouldn`t feel comfortable driving without my wedding ring - it`s a part of me, I can`t live without it. And these rules do not look cool to me.

There are too many rules in F1, everything is very complicated - like in the story with Alonso. This is a bad example of complexity: they didn’t apply the rule in the race, and after the finish they decided that it was unsafe. If it was dangerous, why didn`t they immediately stop the car?

Then came the turn of other rules that allowed Alpin to return the position - again difficult.

The same goes for budget constraints. Red Bull punished for overspending by 2 million - is it that serious? And if they exceeded by 10 or 20 million? What would happen then? And could they take away the championship title after 10 or 11 months? In my opinion, everything is overly complicated - something needs to be put in order.

In general, the budget ceiling along with the halo are the best things in Formula 1 over the past 20 years. And that`s great. The racing is great right now, in the US they are very enthusiastic, everyone on our site is talking about F-1, ” said Grosjean.

Romain Grosjean: Formula 1 has too many rules

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