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Bet pennies win thousands

This is an audacious attempt at making thousands for pennies with a simple plan that could be very lucrative given a bit of

luck ! You have to be in it to win it, or so they say !! Starting tommorow, Monday September 27th 2010

So here goes:

Month 1
September 27th to October 31st
6 bets per day = 210 selections
End bank should be ?72.54

Month 2
November 1st to November 30th
5 bets per day = 150 selections
End bank should be ?295.00

Month 3
December 1st to December 31st
4 bets per day = 124 selections
End bank should be ?973.88

Month 4
January 1st to January 31st
3 bets per day = 93 selections
End bank should be ?2351.51

Month 5
February 1st to February 28th
3 bets per day = 84 selections
End bank should be ?5213.61

Month 6
March 1st to March 31st
3 bets per day = 93 selections
End bank should be ?12`352.25

Total selections needed to complete challenge 745

5% commission has been taken off the figures quoted above

Starting bank ?10.00 @ Betfair

All bets must be lays @ 100 (or as near as), or backs @ 1.01

The selections weekdays will consist of mainly horse lays, with a football bet in the evening, as thats what im most

comfortable with, unless that isnt possible due to no racing, or not enough possible lays due to small fields - Then and only

then will I replace them with other bets to make the days quota. Probably football bets, but anything goes. If I fall behind

due to xmas day etc when there`s nothing to bet on, I may make it up the next week by adding 1 lay per day to that week, or

something similair.

The bets at weekends could be a mixture of both, or occasionaly just football due to limited laptop access, and having to bet

via Betfair mobile.

All bets must be singles

In theory its possible, and it also should get easier as the months tick by as the selections per day lessen. Whether i`ll

have the minerals to keep going if I get to say the end of month 4 unscathed, and will be willing to lay out 2.5k on a 100/1

lay, remains to be seen, BUT at this stage im more than up for the challenge.

Source: Betting Advice forums

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